Residents vote in favour of relocating historic statue

SCORES of people voted in support of the Prince Albert Statue being relocated in the town centre last Saturday (July 5).

At a public consultation held at Priory Meadow Shopping Centre to decide on the fate of the historic Prince Albert staute, which is currently housed in the dilapadated greenhouse in Alexandra Park, an impressive 247 people signed in support of its relocation to the town centre.

Once part of a 20-metre clock tower at the junction of Havelock Road and Robertson Street, the Prince Albert Memorial Clock was built to commemorate the death of Prince Albert who died of typhoid in December 1861.

After two fires destroyed the clock tower in 1973, the surviving statue was moved to the greenhouse, where it has been ever since. Volunteers from Hastings History house and local historians, believing it is time the statue be returned to the town centre, set up a public consultation in order to allow the town to vote on where Albert should go.

Steven Whitford, a Hastings History House volunteer, said: “Although most support for the proposal came from the more elderly residents and visitors who remembered the Albert Memorial, some younger people took a keen interest in the history of the statue.

“Lots of memories were shared with the local historians who staffed the stand in the shopping centre mall, and some interesting information was given, including the sad news from her former friend that Miss Edith Skelton, the lady who bought the statue from the demolition company, has passed away.

“The stand was very busy all day.

“It is now thought that Hastings Borough Council should be satisfied that there is enough interest from the general public to enter into further discussion to determine a suitable location for the statue in the vicinity of the Town Hall.”