Residents ‘sick to back teeth’ with noisy neighbours

Clifton Court
Clifton Court

RESIDENTS living in a block of flats in Hastings claim their lives are being made a misery by a group of neighbours from hell.

People living in Clifton Court in Holmesdale Gardens say they have had to endure a catalogue of anti-social behaviour during the past 12 months.

Problems include music played until the early hours, shouting from visitors trying to get in at night, dogs defecating inside the buildings, vandalism in the lift and rubbish being thrown out of windows.

One young man who has lived in the block for 18 months is moving out because he has had enough of being kept awake at night. Residents say the problems have escalated recently because the caretaker for the block left and was never replaced.

Last Thursday night a street meeting was organised by PC Debbie Heneke of the Hastings Neighbourhood Policing Unit and the borough council’s Street Warden Service outside Clifton Court.

County Councillor Godfrey Daniel, who sits on the East Sussex Police Authority, also attended the meeting and has written to Orbit South which is responsible for the property.

One resident, who did not want to be identified, told the Observer: “We are sick to the back teeth with what has been going on.

“The place has gone to rack and ruin since the caretaker left. There are a number of people here who are making life hell for everybody else.

“We get plagued by loud music till all hours of the morning, One bloke broke into his own flat recently. Another chap wrenched the front security entrance open with a crowbar.

“We get people calling at all hours and shouting up to be let in. It used to be nice and quiet and everyone respected one another here. Now you just don’t know who is coming or going.”

The young man who is leaving to live elsewhere said:”I’m quite young compared to some of the residents but even I’ve had enough.

“I can’t get to sleep at night because of all the racket above me.”

In his letter to Orbit South, Councillor Daniel said: “It seems to me that there appear to be serious management deficiencies in the running of Clifton Court.

“The mix of tenants seems to be the root cause of the problem and I am particularly concerned for the elderly residents. The present situation is clearly not acceptable.”

Sharon McGregor, spokeswoman for Orbit South, said: “We are aware of issues at Clifton Court and are working hard to resolve them. We are fully committed to tackling anti-social behaviour and have seen a reduction of crime in the area since CCTV cameras were installed last January.

“We encourage residents who have any issues to contact us directly so that we may investigate and take appropriate action.”