Residents reassured that playground will re-open

Boyne Road Playpark SUS-180713-094147001
Boyne Road Playpark SUS-180713-094147001

Cllr James Bacon and Cllr Dany Louise of Old Hastings Ward met up with local residents and Cllr Andy Batsford to visit the Optivo maintained Boyne Road Playground to discuss the recent vandalism to the play area surface, which has resulted in it being closed until this has been repaired.

Councillors, residents and children were very upset about this vandalism and calling for any information on who may have done this.

The meeting was also to reassure residents that the playground will be open again soon.

Both Cllr Bacon and Cllr Louise would like to thank Optivo for keeping them, updated and for their commitment to maintaining this play area.

They are also looking into an additional picnic bench being installed for the parents and children to use and enjoy.