Residents left without water after burst pipe

Engineers working on the burst water main
Engineers working on the burst water main
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SCORES of residents in St Leonards were left without water for several hours after a major leak on Friday.

Water started gushing down Battle Road near the Silverhill junction early in the morning at around 6.45am.

The burst was so big water poured into neighbouring roads such as Menzies Road and further into Hollington.

Police discovered the leak and told Southern Water, which sent out a team of engineers to fix the burst water main underneath the road.

A stretch of Battle Road was closed off to traffic at the height of the morning rush hour while repair work was carried out.

It did not open until 2.30pm.

One disgruntled woman living in Upper Maze Hill, more than a kilometre away, contacted the Observer saying the fault had cut off her water supply.

A Southern Water spokesman said the most likely cause of the leak was the recent icy weather.

She said: “As the ground starts to thaw the underground pipes can move and break.

“We received a total of eight calls from customers who were without water during the day while the burst pipe was repaired on Friday.

“We estimate that there were probably 30 properties affected, but not all would have called in to report problems as they may have been out or at work and may not have known there was no supply to their homes.

“Our crews had to dig down to replace the damaged pipe and then reinstate the road which had also been damaged when the pipe burst.

“We apologise for any inconvenience to customers caused while this repair work was carried out.”