Residents feel the pain of their blocked gully drain

RESIDENTS are feeling the pain of blocked drain gullies which are cleared once every two years according to the county council.

People living Castle Hill Road say they are fed up of water pouring down their street which makes the pavement hard to walk along. The gully is the channel underneath the road.

And they are worried that a cold winter snap will freeze over the water making it impossible to walk or drive down. The offending drain has been blocked since last summer.

A drain in nearby Portland Place and Wellington Road is also blocked.

Chris Lewcock, the new chairman of the local Liberal Democrats group, has written to county hall demanding action amid growing concerns rainwater gullies will buckle under the pressure of recent bad weather.

He said: “We are concerned at the hazards to pedestrians and vehicles from drains overflowing into local roads - especially in current stormy conditions. Local residents, for example in Wellington Road, experienced severe problems last year when cold weather iced up overflowing surface water on the local steep roads. We have drawn especial attention to gullies in Castle Ward but there are many others blocked across the borough.

“Blocked gullies have been reported over many months and promises made of early action - which hasn’t materialised. Roger Williams, county council head of highways, said: “Every gully in East Sussex is cleared every two years and we prioritise those that cause the most problems. This time of year can be very difficult with falling leaves blocking some drains and gullies and this is exacerbated by the heavy rain we’ve had recently.”