Rescued seal pups released

One of the seals released at Pett Level
One of the seals released at Pett Level

A PAIR of seal pups have been released back into the waters of 1066 Country after being nursed at a local wildlife rescue centre.

The two young seals had been nursed back to health at the RSPCA’s Mallydams Wood Wildlife Centre just outside Hastings.

And both were successfully released on the beach at nearby Pett Level earlier this month – with RSPCA officer Richard Thompson reporting that the animals got over their initial hesitation to bob happily out to sea.

The seals, one brindle and one black, had been at Mallydams for about three months. The black seal was picked up along the coast in Margate by the British Divers Marine Life Rescue and brought to Mallydams.

It had injuries to his flippers and his mouth and was significantly underweight at just 14 kilos - compared to a healthy weight of nearer 35 kilos. The experts at Mallydams believe he must have become separated from his mother.

During this spell under the nurse at Mallydams, he was given rehydration treatment and antibiotics, and examined by a vet. He then started eating independently and put on weight until he was 40 kilos and ready to be released.

The other, a white coat seal, was flown over from Jersey at only a couple of days old, with his umbilical cord still attached.

He was rehydrated and given small fish so that he could learn how to feed, and began to eat by himself, until he reached his release weight of 42 kilos.

“We took the seals on to the beach at Pett Level using stretchers at high tide. They are both tagged,” said Mr Thompson. “When they saw the sea they both got switched on and knew what to do and swam away. It’s natural behaviour for them.”