Repair work to be carried out on town paving

PAVING in the town centre is set to undergo repair work.

The council intends to use around £133,000 of its money, made through parking fees, to fund the work.

On March 31 this year management of on-street parking in Hastings was taken over by East Sussex County Council and enforced by its contractor NSL.

Because of this a surplus amount of money was left, around £133,000, which will be used for paving repairs.

Richard Homewood, director of environmental services for Hastings Borough Council, said much of the paving was in a ‘poor condition’.

“Our officers have recently met with county council officers to discuss the proposed repairs. Two alternatives were proposed, using red tarmac or block paving,” he said.

Using red tarmac would cost around £40,000, as outlined in a report which was presented to councillors at the council’s cabinet meeting on Monday (September 9). Block paving would cost £54,500.

Councillors on Monday also agreed that the remainder of the £133,000 be used for new signage and information boards for pedestrians, as well as paying for the maintenance of bus shelters and seats.