Remembering the victims of bombing raid

Albany Memorial SUS-180528-095147001
Albany Memorial SUS-180528-095147001

Hastings and St Leonards Veterans Association were joined by residents from Albany Court, on Wednesday May 23, to remember the eleven Canadian serviceman who were killed during a bombing raid, on the Albany Hotel, in 1943.

A parade took place in the rain . on the lawn in front of Albany Court.

Present were Mayor of Hastings, Cllr Nigel Sinden and the Deputy Mayor Cllr James Bacon as well as two visiting Canadian servicemen, Chief petty officer Thomas Scott and Lieutenant Colonel Yves Forcier.

After the last post sounded they stood for a minutes silence while the names of the fallen were read out.

The parade was followed by a Remembrance Service at the Holy Trinity Church, in Robertson Street. The Mayor spoke of the debt of honour owed to the Canadian nation for their help during those difficult times.

Picture by Roberts Photographic.

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