Remembering Sophie

Sophie aged 6, just before her Primary Ballet Exam
Sophie aged 6, just before her Primary Ballet Exam

A local dance centre dedicated their 43rd anniversary show to the memory of one of its former pupils, raising over £2,000 for the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity.

Laton Ash Dance Centre, Hastings presented a feast of spectacular dancing, showcasing all its pupils from the youngest to oldest, who demonstrated their wide-ranging talents. at the show held at the White Rock Theatre.

The centre’s proprietors, Dave and Pauline Ash says it was a very special show in memory of a very special girl.

“The school’s 43rd Anniversary Show, was in memory of former dance pupil Sophie Maria Taylor who died earlier this year aged 12 years,” he said.

“During the show Sophie’s class performed a tribute specially choreographed by Miss Donna McLaughlin in front of a backdrop of pictures of Sophie.

“Laton Ash Dance Centre supports many charities and charitable organisations however, Sophie was such a courageous girl who came back to dancing after her treatment, that her classmates in particular, and the school in general, wanted to support the hospital that took care of her.

“The show raised the magnificent sum of £2,017.62 for the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity.

“Sophie’s family were present during the show and were very pleased that the charity was able to benefit by such a large sum of money.”

Sophie’s mother Luiza said the show was a lovely tribute to Sophie as she enjoyed her dancing so much. She was delighted with the amount of money raised for the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity as they had taken such great care of Sophie during her illness.

Sophie wrote a poem about a show she had performed in when she was eight years old called Romanian Folk Group. It expresses what she felt about her dancing:

The best moment of my life, by Sophie Taylor.

I was on stage when I danced my heart out like never before,

I glanced and pranced across the bright lit stage when all 1,000 people were watching me.

Wearing my costume I felt like a magic fairy, with all the sequins sparkling upon me.

Happily dancing, I danced like magic until my heart burst, filled with wonder.

Silent people concentrated, watching me,

I began to feel a little nervous, shivering and shaking,

But I kept on dancing my heart out until the performance was over.

Everyone started clapping as if I had saved the world.

It was the best moment of my life.