Recycled tree at William Parker

The recycled tree
The recycled tree
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RECYCLING is normally used to save trees from being chopped down - but artistic pupils in Hastings have used old materials to put one up.

Students at William Parker Sports College unveiled their recycled tree sculpture earlier this week in front of staff, fellow pupils, governors and parents.

The striking structure was the result of an art and design project run under the watchful eye of local sculptor Leigh Dyer.

Funded by Creative Partnerships, the staff at the school challenged pupils to come up with a metal design which would symbolise the college’s commitment to protecting the environment.

Pupils spent time researching trees and the work of different artists, including Cristovao Canhavato, Hilario Nhatugueja, Fiel dos Santos and Adelino Serafim Maté.

They also looked at a host of art forms, colours and textures before deciding on the finished design.

The finished piece includes removable leaves, which were designed by classes in year eight, while the majority of the welding was done by boys in years nine and ten.

Ian Gillespie, deputy head at the Parkstone Road school, explained the tree would not just be left but would be used in future classes as well.

He said: “The tree is designed to weather naturally and the leaves can be detached so they can be decorated by different groups.

“Current ideas include a project on reflection where the leaves could be decorated with reflective plastics, a science project where different metals or other substances are hung from the leaves to assess the impact of weathering and a green project to build in bird feeders to attract birds to the tree.”

And he was quick to thank all the students and staff involved.

“Special thanks must go to Mark Madriaga, for leading the project, and to the Art and Design Technology departments for working together to achieve this exciting outcome.

“We are especially grateful to Leigh for his expertise and energy which inspired the students.”