Recycle more this Christmas and 2016

New waste and recycling leaflets detailing bin collections for the festive period will be hitting doormats along with the Christmas cards in Hastings over the next few days.

Each household will receive a personalised calendar from Hastings Borough Council (HBC) which explains when to leave waste and recycling out for collection over the Christmas and New Year period.

In addition to the waste and recycling calendar, the East Sussex Waste Partnership, which includes HBC, has launched a campaign to encourage residents to recycle a greater range of household items and details of this are included in the new pack.

Councillor Warren Davies, HBC’s lead member for environment, says residents are doing a great job of recycling but more needs to be done. “There are so many items around the home that can be recycled but are currently being thrown away as rubbish,” he said. “Analysis of rubbish collected earlier in the year showed that nearly a quarter of it could have been recycled.”

Cllr Davies said many households regularly recycle items such as plastic milk bottles and glass bottles, newspapers and cans, but there are items in almost every room of the house that can be recycled. These include:

• In the bathroom - toilet roll tubes and toothpaste boxes, plastic shampoo and shower gel bottles and lids.

• In the bedroom - tissue boxes and deodorant cans.

• In the living room - newspaper, envelopes and cardboard packaging from online orders, as well as air freshener aerosol cans.

• In the kitchen – breakfast cereal and dishwasher tablet boxes along with washing up liquid bottles, plastic bleach bottles, surface cleaner bottles, plastic pots, tubs and trays.

Cllr Davies added: “Over the Christmas and New Year period our rubbish increases so this is a perfect time to really think about what we do and don’t recycle.

“With the support of registered charity WRAP (Waste and Resources Action Programme) we hope to help residents understand more about recycling and their collections and increase the amount of recyclable items collected from every household.”

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