Record-breaking conga attempt lasts four hours

The Xtrax team hope to have made it into the record books
The Xtrax team hope to have made it into the record books

TRAVELLING seven kilometres in just over four hours, this keen conga team from Xtrax youth centre are confident that they have clinched a world record.

The troupe of 11, including mascot Mufti the Monkey, took part in the congathon on Saturday (November 19), to raise awareness and funds as part of Xtrax Big Week this week.

The conga line began at the town hall at 10.20am, and wove its way around town, cheered on by well-wishers and fuelled by generous donations from Domino’s Pizza.

Andrew Batsford, Xtrax project manager, said: “We had plenty of support, and people cheering us on.”

“The commitment from the young people really humbled me, getting out there and doing something that is not particularly cool.”

Two independent adjudicators were there on the day, and the entire event was filmed.

Though the congathon still needs to be officially verified, all involved are confident that they have successfully conga-ed the longest distance on record.

A total of £130 was raised from the collection buckets, with more to follow from sponsorship.

The fundraising target for this week is £50,000, an amount desperately needed to go towards the running costs of the youth centre.