Raised crossing call at blackspot

A DECISION which could potentially see a pedestrian crossing built on one of the busiest and fastest stretches of roads in St Leonards was due to be questioned today (FRI) at County Hall.

County councillor Phil Scott, who represents Hollington and Wishing Tree, has branded the move as “an accident waiting to happen.”

Cllr Scott will urge the County Council to provide joint funding with Connor Development UK for a walkway bridge over the main road to allow pedestrians to access the Coombe Valley Countryside Park.

The road is one of the most dangerous in the borough having claimed the lives of nine people since it was built in 1986.

Last month the borough council approved plans by Connor to build 10 semi-detached houses on land south of Catsfield Close which backs on to the Crowhurst Road carriageway.

One of the planning conditions attached to the planning consent is that there should be no development until “a scheme to provide an adoptable footpath and pedestrian crossing point to recreational land on the south side of Crowhurst Road,” has been submitted.

For years Cllr Scott has urged the authority to consider a raised crossing in the form of an enclosed bridge to ensure safe access for residents.

He said: “If the developer and the county council came together they could jointly fund the much needed crossing.

“What we have to consider if the future generations who will live here.

“They need safe access to the country park and the reservoir. At the moment cars hurtle up and down that road at speeds of up to 60mph.

“I will be lobbying the lead member Cllr Maynard and director Rupert Club for a raised crossing otherwise this could be another serious accident waiting to happen”

Steve Bowles, chairman of the new Mayfield Area Residents Association, said: “We support Phil Scott. Two cars have come off and gone in the reservoir. Cars can get up to 70mph and 80mph. “A Zebra crossing wouldn’t work. We want street lighting and the speed limit reduced from 60mph to 30mph as well as a bridge.”