Rail videos guide to buying tickets

Bank Holiday travel is set to be disrupted
Bank Holiday travel is set to be disrupted

Southern has launched a series of six online videos that aims to help its passengers use its self-service ticket machines.

A spokesman for the rail operator said using Southern’s self-service ticket machines is quick and easy and all customers need to do is to simply follow the on screen messages to guide them through their purchase options, adding: “However, sometimes even this can be daunting to those not used to using the machines.”

A Southern employee, Southern customer information systems, CCTV and help point operator Jo Smith, then came up with the idea that a series of online videos would help people become familiar with the ticket machines prior to using them – in the comfort of their own home.

The spokesman said: “Jo’s idea was submitted to Southern’s Innovation Board who loved the idea.

“Not only did Jo have the original idea, but she also features in the videos, taking viewers through six different functions step by step – perfect for someone who needs a little extra help before travelling.”

The videos provide information and guide customers through simple steps to follow for using the machines in different scenarios. The six videos are:

* Buying a Ticket for Today

* Buying Multiple Tickets


* Buying a Ticket to Travel

from Another Station

* Buying a Boundary Ex-


* Using a Rail Card

* Smart Cards

These videos can be viewed on Southern’s websitewww.southernrailway.com/ticketmachines.