Quick thinking PCs helped save life of burlgary suspect

POLICE officers saved the life of a man who began bleeding badly after he was arrested on suspicion of burglary.

The quick-thinking PCs helped stem the flow of blood until the suspect could be taken to hospital for treatment according to an investigation.

The 42-year-old suspect, of no fixed address, was taken to Hastings police station to be questioned on suspicion of attempted burglary at 6am on Thursday February 20.

He had been spotted in the gardens of homes in Grange Road.

As he was being taken to a cell he began bleeding heavily from his groin. Officers gave him first aid while they waited for paramedics to take him to hospital. He has since been released from hospital and is currently on bail until 4 April.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission was notified of the incident and it decided an investigation should be run by Sussex Police’s professional standards department.

That investigation concluded that not only did officers not cause the man’s injuries but they may have saved his life through their prompt action at the police station.

Detective Inspector Nick Wainwright, of the professional standards department, said: “Their quick-thinking helped reduce the amount of blood the man was losing until he could be taken back to hospital for treatment.

“Their decisiveness may have saved his life.”

The man had been originally arrested at 9.30am on Tuesday 18 February. Officers were made aware that the man had a previous medical condition so the suspect was taken to hospital to be assessed by medical staff. Shortly before 6am on Thursday 20 February he was assessed by staff at Conquest Hospital as being fit for release and he was taken to Hastings police station where he began bleeding and was helped by officers.