Queen praises our codebreaker

Alan Turing
Alan Turing

A CODEBREAKING war hero who grew up in St Leonards has been singled out for royal praise.

Alan Turing, best known as the father of modern computing and the man who finally cracked the German Enigma code during the Second World War, was labelled a genius by the Queen when she visited Bletchley Park, in Milton Keynes, last week.

Before unveiling a memorial, the Queen said the site was a ‘place of geniuses such as Alan Turing’. She described him as a ‘history-shaper’ and ‘an inspiration to the intelligence community today’.

Dean Morrison, of Priory Road, is currently leading a campaign to win greater local recognition for Turing, who spent the first nine years of his life in Maze Hill and went to school at St Michael’s, a day school in Charles Road, St Leonards.

Mr Morrison welcomed the Queen’s speech, and noted that 2012 is the centenary of Turing’s birth.

“Every time someone singles him out, it is a boost for the town,” said Mr Morrison.

“Next year is going to be Turing year. There’s going to be a global focus on him and that is something Hastings should jump on.”

Hastings Borough Council (HBC) spokesman Lucy Downham confirmed plans to set a blue plaque on Turing’s childhood home before his centenary. In March, HBC named a new road, beside Sussex Coast College Hastings, Turing Way to honour the famous mathematician

For information about Alan Turing in Hastings visit http://turing1066.blogspot.com.