Puppy put down after owner caused serious head injury

A TWELVE week old puppy had to be put to sleep after it suffered severe injuries when its owner caused its head to hit a table.

Paul Simeon Twigg caused the injuries to the young Bull Terrier because he was about to use the floor as a toilet at his home in Wellington Square, Hastings.

The dog collided with the corner of a table suffering injuries to the front of its skull, lungs and liver.

Twigg, 23, an unemployed construction worker, claimed he never meant to hurt the animal and said he sometimes found himself crying about what he did.

Wearing a smart dark suit, Twigg admitted one charge of causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal when he appeared before Hastings Magistrates Court last Thursday (Sep 20).

Magistrates adjourned the case until next Thursday (Oct 4) for sentence while pre-sentence reports are prepared.

Prosecuting solicitor Mr David Buck told the court the incident happened on March 15.

He said: “The puppy was 12 or 13 weeks old and Twigg caused it a violent physical trauma which caused severe injury and the dog was put to sleep.

“It came to light at 3.30pm when his girlfriend Samantha Ratford took the animal to Paul Cooper veterinary centre in Hastings.

“Mr Cooper advised it be put to sleep.

“A post mortem revealed there were various areas of trauma at the front of the skull, lung and liver.

“A blow to the head caused bleeding to the skull. It was clear the animal was subjected to considerable force.

“It was conscious for an amount of time afterwards and was caused to suffer.

“In an interview with the RSPCA officer under caution he said he was sitting watching TV when the dog went to defecate.

“He scooped the dog up to stop him. He hit the dog and then it hit its head on the table.

“At this point it was squealing and he was aware it was bleeding from the mouth.

“He tried to make it comfortable until his partner arrived home.”

Defending solicitor Nick Baskett said: “My client scooped the dog vigorously and it caused contact with the dog.

“It has hit its head on the corner of a table.

“He said he has had animals all his life, tadpoles, hamsters and iguanas.

“It was a one-off incident which lead to tragic circumstances. He is a man of good character. I can only emphasise his remorse. Sometimes he finds himself crying about what he did.”