Puppy mauled to death in front of owner


A BELOVED puppy was mauled to death by another dog in Alexandra Park this week.

Distraught owner Sheldon Chambers, of St Helens Road, was with his wife on Tuesday morning at around 8.30am, walking Penny, their 13-week-old cavalier King Charles spaniel near the park’s swannery when the horrific attack happened.

Mr Chambers said that Penny was mauled to death by a Staffordshire bull terrier, which was with its owner at the time but not kept on a lead.

He explained: “We were walking Penny and our other dog, Sam, a collie, when the other dog came up.

“It all took place so quickly.

“The Staffordshire bull terrier walked behind us and, without making any noise or growl, just grabbed Penny and bit her neck.

He added: “It all happened in a split second and there was blood everywhere.

“I took my jacket off to wrap it around Penny because I thought she was still alive and ran towards the vets in Silverhill. But I soon realised she had died.”

He said he had only had Penny for a month after buying her from a dog breeder in Cranbrook, Kent.

The pet owner has put up leaflets around Alexandra Park warning other dog owners about the Staffordshire pit bull, as well as informing police and the park’s rangers.

Mr Chambers said: “My puppy was just 13-weeks-old and did not have a chance against this dog.

“I fear that next time it could be a child who is attacked.

“The effect this has had on my family is devastating and it will take a long time for the image to be erased from my memory.

“Penny was a playful happy puppy just beginning to enjoy her new home and start her life.”

PC Duncan Cleverley, of Hastings Police, said officers investigating Tuesday’s attack are appealing for witnesses.