Pupils visit MP in Parliament

A GROUP of pupils from Dudley Infant School went to London to meet Hastings MP Amber Rudd in Parliament.

The children, aged six and seven and from the school’s council, enjoyed a tour round Westminster.

The impact of the different coloured rooms, architecture and history were soaked up by the youngsters who asked searching questions.

In a room full of portraits the pupils were thrilled to meet Dudley, their namesake. Hanging next to Lady Jane Grey, the nine-day queen, was her husband Dudley also executed for treason alongside the queen.

Ms Rudd asked the children about Dudley Infant School and if any of them wanted to be an MP when they grew up.

The pupils in turn invited the MP to visit their school, which she gladly accepted.

Ms Rudd said: “This is the youngest group to visit me in Parliament so far, but they definitely enjoyed the trip and the teachers found it very worthwhile.”