Pupils get their kicks at Ore school

HKA at Ore 1 SUS-180406-094614001
HKA at Ore 1 SUS-180406-094614001

Pupils at Ore Village Primary Academy swopped exercise books for kickboxing and a host of other activities when the school held a Breakout Afternoon last week.

The event was aimed at encouraging children to try out new activities.

HKA at Ore 2 SUS-180406-095145001

HKA at Ore 2 SUS-180406-095145001

Hastings Kickboxing Academy (HKA) went along to the school and held sessions which saw 32 children taking part.

Carl Denne, from HKA, said: “We were teaching the children basic kickboxing skills, self defence, life skills and some good old fitness drills.

“It was a great experience for those involved and a first for many.

“The children were being healthy and active whilst learning how to safely defend themselves. All the children really enjoyed the 90 minute session.

One child in Year 2 commented: “This is the best Friday afternoon I’ve had in my life. Can we do it every week?”

Other activities throughout the afternoon ranged from art, a bike ride, fishing, football, singing and rock pooling.

Carl added: “Hastings Kickboxing is very proud to be so actively involved with many schools across Hastings.”

For more details on getting involved with the Kickboxing experts please visit www.hastingskickboxing.co.uk or contact HKA directly on 07949221946.

Since September 2017 and the arrival of the two new Headteachers there have been significant changes at the school, resulting in significant impact. Fiona Wright, Assistant Director of Education in East Sussex, described the transformation as ‘profound’.

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