Pupils get an exciting glimpse of the future with a driverless car

Driverless Car SUS-160330-110236001
Driverless Car SUS-160330-110236001

A group of pupils from Ark Helenswood, Ark William Parker, Ark Little Ridge and Ark Blacklands were treated to an exclusive viewing of a revolutionary driverless car.

The car was unveiled at MP Amber Rudd’s Transport summit for the first -time showing off the next generation of surface transporter vehicles that will be totally controlled electronically - a leading technology to speed travel, reduce carbon emissions and eliminate accidents on the road.

The car was taken to Ark William Parker school grounds where the pupils had an opportunity to sit inside the car and hear from Professor Nick Reed, Academy Director from the Transport Research Laboratory, about the research work behind the future of road transport.

Professor Nick Reed said: “What we’re doing is creating safer, cleaner transport that is more accessible, cheaper and improves mobility for everyone.”

Lorraine Clarke, Executive Principal of Ark Blacklands and Ark Little Ridge said: “This was a great opportunity for the students from all four Ark schools to join together and discover the future for Hastings.”

This first vehicle - a prototype - is proving the control systems and is being aimed at travelling air crew and personnel as well as passengers around major airports, such as Gatwick.

These trials are to test the limit of safety - so that a driver will no longer be required - so reducing the risks of any form of accidental damage.

Once proved on this research vehicle, the control system can be applied to all surface transport - cars, lorries and even buses.

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