Pupils caught with cannabis

TWO Helenswood Academy schoolgirls, believed to be aged just 12, have been excluded after being caught in possession of cannabis on school premises.

The pupils have not been named but Sussex Police has been informed.

It is not known how long the girls will be excluded from school.

Headteacher Lucy Monk said: “Two pupils who attend Helenswood Academy were found in possession of a small amount of cannabis on school premises.

“The school has a zero tolerance policy in regards to drugs, and the police were contacted. Both pupils are currently excluded.”Jill Pederson, spokeswoman for Sussex Police, said: “Police were contacted by Helenswood Academy when two pupils were found in possession of cannabis.

“We have been working with the school and in the circumstances support the sanctions put in place.

“No further action is being taken by police against the girls.”

In 2010 Sussex Police invited teenagers and parents worried about the drug MCAT or mephedrone to air their concerns.

Inspecter James Scott told how Bexhill High and St Richard’s College were working closely with schools officer PC Sarah Ellis.

The schools had to exclude pupils on a daily basis because they were so high, disrupting both their own education and the education of their class mates.

Research carried out for the NHS Information Centre in 2011 revealed 12 per cent of 11 to 15-year-olds in England reported taking drugs in the previous year. Of these, six per cent said they had taken drugs in the previous month.