Proud family receives medal for war veteran

THE proud family of a Hastings man have received a war medal on behalf of a former seaman who fought during the Second World War.

Harry Alfred Torrance, who died in 1982 aged 57, has been awarded the Artic Star award posthumously after his daughters, Linda Godwin and Julie Torrance, read of other Hastings war veterans receiving the medal in the Observer last year.

Linda Godwin then applied for the the Artic Star, which is awarded to any member of the British Armed Forces and the Merchant Navy for any length of service above the Artic Circle during World War II.

Linda said: “To my families delight I received the Artic Star posthumously for my father.”

“We read a couple of articles about people receiving the medal. My father had a ribbon but they never issued the medals at that time. I wrote to the Ministry of Defense Medal Office last summer on behalf of my mother and in March we received the medal.”

Harry, who worked as a painter and decorator in Hastings, served in the Royal Navy as an artic operator, sailing in the Russian Convoys

The HMS Bentinck, which Harry was on, was attacked by U-boats and he received the Distinguished Service Medal (D.S.M) in 1944 and the Observer published an article honouring the seaman’s award.

Harry also received £20 and a letter of congratulations from King George.

Linda added: “My mother Hazel Torrance is so proud to know my father’s efforts in the war are recognised in full, and his memorabilia and medals will be treasured within our family. It’s been quite emotional. We’re very proud.”