Protest to be held in town

Hastings and Rye people are set to put their MP candidates to the test with an NHS election protest tomorrow (Saturday).

The day of action has been coordinated by independent campaign group 38 Degrees and will see local campaigners talk to hundreds of voters about the importance of protecting the NHS.

They will take to the streets outside McDonald’s, Wellington Place at 11am, joining thousands of other people protesting on the same day across England. Campaigners are calling on people in 1066 Country to vote to protect the NHS in the General Election, and will be challenging their MP candidates to protect the NHS from privatisation and funding freezes.

Roderick Osborne, a 38 Degrees member from Hastings, said: “I have benefited from the NHS, mainly locally, for more than 70 years and despite the financial constraints under which its employees have to work I have nothing but praise for the service I have received from my GP and the Conquest Hospital.

“The thought of the health of my children and grandchildren being in the hands of profit-making companies does not bear thinking about. That’s why I’m going to Wellington Place with lots of others to spread the word that the way we vote on May 7 could determine whether our NHS is still for future generations.”

David Babbs, executive director of 38 Degrees said: “This Saturday, people in Hastings and Rye will be talking to hundreds of voters about how their vote could protect the NHS this election.” The petition to save the NHS is at: