Protest against ‘bedroom tax’ at town hall

A DEMONSTRATION against the introduction of what has been nicknamed the ‘bedroom tax’ is to take place tomorrow (Saturday) at Hastings town hall.

The housing benefit change colloquially known as the ‘bedroom tax’ coming into effect from April, will mean those who are classed as having a spare bedroom will see a reduction in benefit payment.

This applies to working aged tenants, aged under 61 in April 2013, in social housing, and will affect hundreds of households in Hastings and St Leonards.

Those classed as being over-accommodated by one bedroom, will see a 14 per cent reduction in their housing benefit, while for two or more bedrooms, it will be a 25 per cent reduction.

Under the new rules, tenants are entitled to one bedroom for themselves and their partner, and one bedroom for any child over 16.

A child under 16 is expected to share with someone of the same gender, and children under 10 are expected to share with another child under 10 regardless of gender.

The protest, which has been organised by Labour councillors and other local groups, will take place from 11am tomorrow.