Projects which improve area to get cash boost

PROGRAMMES that are helping public organisations in East Sussex work together to deliver better services for less money have been given a £420,000 cash boost.

A successful bid was submitted by East Sussex County Council on behalf of its partners to provide continued support for two existing collaboration programmes that look at sharing buildings and ICT services across public and voluntary sector organisations

The money comes from the Government’s Transformation Challenge Award fund, aimed at helping councils improve services by avoiding duplication and working together.

The funding, announced today will enable further development of two existing schemes; SPACES – public service providers working together to maximise the opportunity to work across the county in a more coordinated and cost efficient way through a shared public estate , and The Link – public service providers joining forces to develop high quality collaborative IT services and identify new opportunities for innovative IT services.

Cllr David Elkin said: “It will enable us to further develop services for the benefit of organisations and residents in East Sussex.”