Potholes are driving motorist round bend

Cllr Phil Scott with a pothole in Sedlescombe Road South
Cllr Phil Scott with a pothole in Sedlescombe Road South

POTHOLES continue to drive motorists around the bend despite extra efforts being made to repair them.

Roads riddled with gaping holes include Sedlescombe Road South, Carlyle Parade and Rye Road, Ore.

Councillor Phil Scott, of Hollington and Wishing Tree ward, said the Highway Steward had identified 23 potholes in the Gillsmans Hill area alone. But the East Sussex County Council’s budget proposals for the financial year, would see an additional £2.25 million over three years for fixing potholes.

Motorist Paul Merison, from St Helens, recently narrowly avoided a two foot pothole in Hastings Road, Telham which had damaged a dozen cars. He said: “They are driving us around the bend, an accident waiting to happen. And if someone on a motorbike hit one it could cause serious injuries.”

Cllr Scott said: “If ESCC has £2 million to enable potholes to be repaired then I would like to see Hollington and Wishing Tree benefit from that funding.

“Sedlescombe Road South resurfacing was put off due to lack of funding, clearly the road has not been maintained to an acceptable standard over time. It needs some swift action now to rectify these gaping wounds in the highway which is one of the busiest roads in the borough”

Roger Williams, the county’s head of highways, said: “Water is a road’s worst enemy and we’ve seen our wettest winter for 20 years. We have recently doubled the resources we have in place to deal with this problem and are currently repairing more than 250 potholes every day across the county. Every report we receive is acted upon as quickly as possible but we don’t have unlimited resources so we have to prioritise the repairs we carry out to ensure we fix the worst potholes first. We permanently repair 98 per cent of all potholes the first time we attend them but unfortunately bad weather and vehicle wear and tear mean problems can recur. To report a pothole visit www.eastsussex.gov.uk or by calling on 0345 6080193.”