Post Office in search for retail partner for Hastings

BOSSES at the Post Office have started their official search for a retailer to operate Hastings Post Office.

The branch in Cambridge Road is one of 70 Crown branches under review.

These are part of the current Crown network of 370 branches which are directly managed by the Post Office.

Kevin Gilliland, network and sales director at the Post Office, said: “The branch serve thousands of customers every week. However, we must change the way they operates to ensure its long-term viability and to maintain services for people in the area.

“We already have more than 10,000 branches which operate through franchises and agreements with retailers so we know this model works.

“We are committed to modernising our Crown network to make it as easy as possible for customers to access our services and bring in new business.”

Potential retail partners can visit to find out more or email for a copy of a registration of interest form.

All completed forms must be submitted by May 27.