Popeye memories at tribute night

Remebering Popeye SUS-170829-124830001
Remebering Popeye SUS-170829-124830001

People came together at East Hastings Angling Club last Thursday to pay tribute to local legend Ron ‘Popeye’ Everett.

Most wore sailor’s hats in memory of Ron and film footage of Ron delighting people with his Popeye impersonation was shown.

Remebering Popeye SUS-170829-124804001

Remebering Popeye SUS-170829-124804001

Another purpose of the evening was to raise funds to provide a permanent memorial to Ron in the Old Town.

Pendragon Parties donated a Popeye balloon sculpture which was sold for £40.

Jonathan Mendenhall and Ron’s daughter Lindy regaled people with takes of Ron’s life.

The larger than life character was a favourite in the Old Town Carnival procession and was always happy to stop and have his photo taken with people around the Old Town.

Ron was also a member of Hastings Winkle Club and did a lot of work for charity.

The formal naval man also took part in carnivals around Europe as well as the UK.

Ion Castro, spokesman for Hastings Old Town Carnival, said: “Ron was always there and entertained everybody, bringing a smile to people’s faces. We always looked forward to seeing him taking part in the carnival.”

Part of his legacy has seen a new Gurning Competition held during Old Town Week.

Ron’s old friend Sid Saunders said: “It was a fabulous turnout and there was lots of laughter ringing around the room.

“Thank you to everyone who turned up. Ron would have been so proud to think of the love in the atmosphere that night.

“Ron was an asset to Hastings and always promoted the town. He will be sorely missed.”

Pictures by Sid Saunders.