Tory response to library closure ‘mechanically generated blather’

Baird and Ore Tory county councillor Laurie Loe
Baird and Ore Tory county councillor Laurie Loe

A Tory councillor’s response to the possible closure of Ore Library has been described as ‘mechanically generated blather’.

East Sussex County Council’s Conservative Cabinet has agreed to consult on proposals to shut seven public facilities, one of which is Ore’s library in Old London Road.

A Facebook page and a petition have been set up to fight the closure.

In a statement released earlier this week, Laurie Loe, Conservative county councillor for Baird and Ore, said: “I would like to welcome the fact that my division is within a short bus ride to Hastings Library which has recently had an £8m investment.

“I understand that savings need to be made within this budget but also wish to protect the interests of those that I represent.

“I will work with Hastings borough councillors alongside community centres and groups to give the residents of Baird and Ore similar facilities to those provided by Ore Library, which I consider to be key to our community.

“I ultimately believe that these savings will lead to more effective and inclusive services for the public.

“I would encourage residents of Baird and Ore to take part in the public consultation process, furthermore I will soon contact the community centres to initiate discussions on how we can implement these changes.

“Please feel free to contact me regarding this issue at”

However opponents of the closure took to Facebook to criticise the statement, with one calling it a ‘disgrace’.

Another wrote: “Terrifying to think the future of Ore Library is in the hands of someone whose default setting seems to be some mechanically generated blather.”

In a letter to the Observer this week, one reader wrote: “The Ore Library is one of the cluster of shops, cafes, small businesses and social facilities which sustain Ore going as the beating heart for the local community.

“Chipping away at that will cause irreparable social damage.”

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