Revised Hastings business centre plans return for fresh decision

Proposals to build a new business centre in Hastings are set to return to planners after an error was found in the original application. 

Tuesday, 3rd August 2021, 1:55 pm

On Wednesday (August 4), Hastings Borough Council’s planning committee is set to consider an application to build a two-storey business centre at the Churchfields Industrial Estate in Hollington, with access via Sidney Little Road. 

An earlier version scheme (which comes from the council itself) was originally considered by the committee in July last year, where it was unanimously approved.

While given the committee’s consent, the scheme was not granted planning permission after it emerged that the site included leasehold land belonging to a third party, who had not been served notice of the application.

Proposed new business centre

As a result, the original application was ruled invalid and closed in March. 

This resubmitted scheme is largely the same as the original, although with a slightly smaller overall footprint and a new access point to the site. A new retaining wall has also been included in an effort to reduce the impact on a nearby area of ancient woodland.

The rest of the scheme – in terms of its size, design and number of units – is largely unchanged.

In a report to be considered by the committee, a council planning officer said: “The proposed building will be rectangular in shape, have a contemporary design and would be two storey in height with a maximum height of 8.5m increasing to 10m at the front entrance of the building. 

“The proposed building will be built of brick walls at ground floor level and aluminium cladding at first floor. All windows and doors will be aluminium frames and it would have a flat roof that is a green roof with solar [panels].”

The finished building would provide 29 business units, together with training space, shared services and amenities, including in-house management.

For further information see application reference HS/FA/21/00306 on the Hastings Borough Council website.