Hastings re-elects town mayor

The mayor and deputy mayor of Hastings have been re-elected for a second term at the borough council’s annual civic meeting.

Thursday, 16th May 2019, 1:26 pm
Hastings deputy mayor James Bacon and mayor Nigel Sinden

On Wednesday (May 15), Silverhill councillor Nigel Sinden and Old Hastings councillor James Bacon were returned to their positions as mayor and deputy mayor.

Both councillors ran unopposed and will continue serving in the role for another municipal year.

Putting forward Cllr Sinden for re-election, Cllr Judy Rogers (Lab, Castle) said: “I have great pleasure and no hesitation in recommending that you re-elect Cllr Nigel Sinden to the role of mayor for the forthcoming year.

“I have had the privilege of working with Cllr Sinden since we were both elected together in 2012.

“As many of you will probably remember, when I was mayor, he was my deputy mayor so I know how good he is at the role he does.

“It is not an easy role to do but Nigel has given everything he has. He is Hastings born and bred, he is part of Hastings, he is passionate about Hastings.

“He has done a magnificent job.”

In accepting the role, Cllr Sinden said he would work to promote the town and offer support to charity and community groups.

Cllr Sinden said: “For someone born in a working class family to raise up to be a councillor for the ward he grew up in, then town deputy, then town mayor for two years is possibly unusual.

“But it is something I am interested in and something I feel I am fulfilling properly. At least I hope I am.

“It is an honour and I stand before you honoured, thrilled and, I must admit, a happy person.”

The council also re-elected Cllr James Bacon as deputy mayor.

In nominating Cllr Bacon for re-election, council leader Peter Chowney said: “He is a true son of Hastings. James tells me this is his 357th engagement tonight as deputy mayor. It says a lot about him that he kept count.

“With his relationship to Hastings, his heritage, his love of this town and the work he has already done as deputy mayor I have no problems at all for proposing him as deputy mayor for a further year.”