Hastings new build in garden approved

Proposals for a new build in the garden of a home in Hastings have been given the go ahead by town planners. 

Friday, 25th September 2020, 11:21 am

On Wednesday (September 23), Hastings Borough Council’s planning committee approved proposals to build a three-bedroom home within the gardens of home in Boyne Road.

The scheme had proven to be unpopular with some residents, however, with many describing it as an overdevelopment of the site and raising concerns about the potential impact of development on the area. 

Residents had also raised concerns about the potential impact on wildlife, pointing out that trees and shrubs had already been cleared from the site.

These ecology concerns were addressed by Cllr Warren Davies, although he welcomed the landscaping plans proposed by the applicant.

He said: “My other concerns were around access to the site and the impact that would have on the daily lives and routines of the Boyne Road community, which is a very close knit community.

“With those caveats I am able to recommend that we do grant planning permission, because this is the type of housing we do need. It is in an area which is appropriate and the application is showing sensitivity and it is a high quality family home for the future.”

Councillors also considered concerns raised about the potential impact of construction on residents’ lives.

To address part of these concerns the committee put forward an additional informative condition requesting developers to time HGV visits to cause the least disruption possible.

This saw words of warning from  Phil Scott (Lab, Wishing Tree), however, who said: “We need to be clear here that the informative is literally informative and not a condition that is not enforceable. 

“We need to make absolutely clear to residents that if there are lorry movements if it goes through tonight then there is absolutely nothing we could do to actually stop that. It is really just an informative note to the applicant, advising them that it is a particular route the council would like to see in terms of development.

“That is a great shame in some respects.” 

While unhappy about this situation, Cllr Scott said he also believed the application would be “difficult to resist” on planning grounds. 

Meanwhile, Cllr Matthew Beaver (Con, West St Leonards) said: “I understand the residents’ concerns regarding the road access, along Boyne Road or Lodge Road, and certainly we can indicate access on Boyne Road may be preferable. 

“We can hope the applicant, if this goes through, will take that on board and helps in that way.”

He added: “If it had been double the size of the property next to it I would certainly have concerns. But according to the report it looks like it is about a metre longer and up to 0.5 metres higher at its highest point.

“So, I don’t see this as being an overdevelopment or out-of-keeping of the area, in regards of the size of the building itself.”

Following further discussion the application was approved unanimously.

For further details see application reference HS/FA/20/00316 on the Hastings Borough Council planning website.