Hastings flats allowed on appeal by planning inspector

An inspector has overturned a council planning decision, allowing a new apartment building to be built in Hastings. 

Monday, 27th September 2021, 2:19 pm
Proposed design of the Hastings flats

In a decision published earlier this month, a planning inspector gave developers the go ahead to demolish a property at 355 London Road and build a block of nine flats in its place.

The scheme had initially been refused by Hastings Borough Council officers (under delegated powers) because of concerns around its potential impact on residents of 1 Bohemia Road, a neighbouring property. 

Officers argued the proposed development would have a “dominating impact” on that building due to its size and bulk.

Current application site (Google Maps Street View)

Officers also had concerns around the developer’s plans to place a bin storage area in front of the building, arguing that it would impact on the appearance of the area and potentially lead to more littering.

During the appeal process, however, the developer put forward a daylight study in an effort to dispute concerns around the potential impact on 1 Bohemia Road.

The inspector found this evidence convincing, concluding that the proposals should be approved.

In their decision notice, the inspector said: “I conclude that although there would be a change in the outlook from the rear of 1 Bohemia, that outlook would not be so dominated by the proposed development as to cause a material loss of daylight or sunlight, or harm the view from the neighbouring property or its garden to the extent that it would be perceived as overbearing.

“Consequently, the development would accord with … the Hastings Local Plan … which requires new development to avoid any adverse impact on the amenity of neighbouring properties.”

The inspector also dismissed officers’ concerns around the bin storage — saying it could be sufficiently screened from view — and residents’ concerns around highways pressures, as no objections had been raised by statutory bodies on this point.

For further information about the development see application reference HS/FA/18/01091 on the Hastings Borough Council website