Gender pay gap at Hastings council revealed


The gender pay gap at Hastings Borough Council has been revealed this week.

Women employed by the local authority earn a mean hourly rate 10.3 per cent lower than men, while their median hourly rate is 9.3 per cent lower.

The gender pay gap happens where companies or organisations employ more highly paid men than women and is not the same as having unequal pay, which has been unlawful since 1970.

The deadline for firms and public sector organisations with more than 250 staff to publish data passed on Wednesday (April 4).

A spokesman for Hastings Borough Council added: “We have done much to address gender pay disparities through regular reviews of pay and grading structures, dealing systematically with the issue of equal pay between comparable jobs through pay audits using job evaluation.

“We are committed to equal pay for similar roles at the same level and are confident we have a fair and consistent approach to paying all new recruits and existing employees.”