Cyclists and taxis to share Bexhill Road bus lanes

Bexhill Road
Bexhill Road

Cyclists, taxis and motorbikes will soon be allowed to use the recently-opened bus lanes in Bexhill Road.

At a meeting on Monday (January 21), East Sussex County Council’s lead member for transport and environment gave the go ahead to an 18-month trial, which will allow cyclists, taxis and powered two-wheel vehicles to share use of the bus lanes between the Glyne Gap service station and Harley Shute Road.

According to an officer’s report, the trial is intended to reduce journey times and pollution as well as improve rider safety.  

The report said: “We have undertaken a safety audit of the A259 Bexhill Road between Harley Shute Road and Glyne Gap and the design for the bus lanes. This did not identify any issues in allowing use by cyclists and taxis.

“This was followed by a safety review for the inclusion of PTWs which did not identify any major concerns but suggested close monitoring of bus lanes during the trial period.

“Our Highways team will arrange for the installation of the necessary cameras and data recording equipment, and provide for the regular monitoring of the information available.

“Sussex Police will be approached on a proactive basis in relation to accident data over the duration of the trial.”

Any objections received during the trial are to be considered when the council looks at making the arrangements permanent.

The trial comes as part of a series of works to introduce bus lanes to the area.

The first phase of the works, between the Glyne Gap service station and Harley Shute Road, was completed in late 2018.

A second phase of works is expected to see the westbound bus lane between Bexleigh Avenue and Ravenside Retail Park extended to the pedestrian crossing, and an eastbound lane introduced between Harley Shute Road and Filsham Road.