Community is not impressed

Cllr Sam Souster
Cllr Sam Souster

RYE District councillor Sam Souster has reported that their is growing dissatisfaction in Bexhill with Rother Council.

He said: “The discontent is due to certain aspects of the Next Wave development on the seafront and also the inability of Rother District Council to agree any form of acceptable local government in Bexhill town as is enjoyed by Rye and Battle.

“There is an issue here as Rother would be happy to devolve some services downwards, but this would exclude Bexhill.

“This does not impress many in the local community, which is demonstrated by public attendance and Rother Council meetings amd the letters pages of the Bexhill Observer, together with Conservative defections to the Independents.

“The situation in the town will make for an interesting local election in Bexhill in 2015.”