Police want 32 new civlian investigators

A UNIQUE recruitment drive to get more bobbies out from behind desks and onto the street has been launched in the county.

Sussex Police wants to hire 32 temporary investigators with some to be based in Hastings in a scheme believed to be the first in the country.

The pilot project will see civilian investigators join the force’s Response Investigation Teams (RIT) first introduced in 2011. RIT investigators work alongside police officers investigating crimes. They will go out and meet with victims, take statements, interview suspects, collect evidence and even drive unmarked police cars.

This means that response officers can attend emergency and priority calls but can hand over the investigation and prisoners to the dedicated RIT. This means the police officers can get back on the street much quicker than before.

Successful applicants will undergo a four week training course and start on a salary of £20,020 per year.

Assistant chief constable Robin Merrett said “This project is to enable us to free up police officers for front line duties, including responding to calls from the public and to target those who commit crimes. We are able to recruit and train these staff quicker than would be the case with officers and they will provide resilience within the RITs - but they are not a replacement for officers.”

Detective sergeant Paul Sellings, chairman of Sussex Police Federation, said: “We welcome any scheme that puts police officers back on the street.” Applications must be made by midnight next Sunday (Sep 1). To apply visit www.sussex.police.uk