Police target drink drivers

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Summer drink-drive arrests in Sussex are in the hundreds as police identify what they call ‘the warm weather drinker’.

Traditionally police have targeted drink-drivers over the Christmas and New Year period.

Now Operation Dragonfly, which was launched at the beginning of June, has seen arrests spiral as many motorists continue to drink and drive on the roads.

Following on from Christmas, police are continuing with their policy of naming and shaming those arrested and charged with the offence.

The latest arrests included a 53-year-old taxi driver who was twice over the drink drive limit.

Other arrests have included a 63-year-old woman who was swerving across the road at Eastbourne at 10.15am and a Fairlight man who pulled out in front of a police car.

Chief inspector Natalie Moloney said: “The summer puts a different type of offender on the roads than we catch at Christmas - the warm weather drinker.

“Whether drinking with family or friends at home or out at the beach, park or pubs don’t be tempted to drive and don’t forget that after a late night heavy session you will undoubtedly still be over the limit if you decide to drive in the morning.

“Into that mix are young drivers for who this may be their first summer on the roads.

“If you are a friend getting a lift make sure you don’t pressurise them into drinking.

“There is no excuse for driving while over the limit or after taking drugs.

“This year we have given the campaign the name Operation Dragonfly which perfectly suits the way our officers operate.

“Dragonflies predict where their prey is going to be and then catch it.

“All the campaign activity we are undertaking, including warning motorists we will publish their details if they are charged, is to do all we can to prevent drivers from committing offences.

“Where that is ignored we will act to protect other road users.

“We will actively seek information on who the drunk drivers are and where will they be - and then we will go out to catch them.”

Sergeant Carl Knapp, of Sussex Police, said: “There is a hardcore of people who continue to put themselves and others at risk by driving when they are in no fit state to and we will do all we can to get them off the roads to keep people safe.”