Police rumble hoarder taking charity clothing

A WOMAN has been found hoarding bags of charity clothes in her home.

The offender was seen by residents in Ore dragging away unwanted clothing bags left outside homes for charity collectors.

Local beat bobby PC Chris Verrall and Police Community Support Officer Anna Eason got to know about the incidents after chatting to people at the Old London Road community centre in Ore.

The officers found out who the woman was and on visiting her found the missing bags stacked to the ceiling. PC Verrall explained the bags were not hers to take and should be given back to the charities they were intended for. The woman agreed and the bags are now being distributed among charity shops.

PC Verrall, of the Hastings Neighbourhood Policing Team, said: “This is a prime example of members of the Ore community pulling together to solve the mystery of the missing charity bags. It’s nice to see all the clothing returned to the local community and to those that deserve them.

“The woman knows that what she did is wrong and no criminal action will be taken against her.”