Police offer free licence plate screws to help prevent theft

MEMBERS of the public are encouraged to reduce the chance of having their licence plates stolen by taking advantage of free screws offered by police.

A limited supply of the number plate screws is available on a first come, first served basis at Hastings police station front office, Monday to Saturday from 9am to 8pm.

The design of the screw head makes it very difficult to for the screws to be undone so that the number plate can be removed.

Before coming to collect the screws people should check which size is required for their vehicle. They are straight-forward to fit.

In August there were six reports across the town of number plates being stolen and one attempted theft of plates reported.

The stolen plates can be placed on different vehicles and used to commit crimes such as driving off and not paying for fuel at petrol stations or speeding.

This can cause problems if the plates are registered to someone who is not responsible for the crime.

PCSO Lucy Paffett of Hastings neighbourhood policing team said: “Sometimes number plates can come loose over time due to wear and tear and can fall off of their own accord.

“These screws reduce the likelihood of this happening and perhaps even from being a victim of crime. With that in mind, don’t miss out on this opportunity to protect your vehicle.”