Plans look to turn former council depot into garage workshop

A FORMER council depot could be rented out as a garage workshop if planners give it the green light.

Mota Services Ltd has applied for permission to turn the buildings in Frederick Road into a garage workshop.

It currently consists of four buildings positioned around a yard.

Residents have sent two letters of objection saying the move would create extra traffic and more on-street parking.

A report to the planning committee which was due to meet last night (Thursday) stated that repair work would have to take place on units A and C.

Unit A requires new timber linings and a fascia while unit C will require a new steel door.

Mechanical works would take place in Units A and C. Unit B would be used as a waiting room with a kitchen and toilet facility.

The report, prepared by planning officer Tom Tanner, states six car parking spaces must be created at the site if approved by the committee.

Mr Tanner recommended members approve the application as he assessed the impact on the surrounding area as ‘acceptable’.