Planners approve Hastings new build

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An application for a new build in Hastings has been approved by a planning committee this week.

At a meeting on Wednesday (July 18), Hastings Borough Council planners approved a scheme to build a detached two-storey home in Campkin Gardens near to The Ridge West.

The applicants had previously sought permission to build on the site in 2017, but withdrew their proposals to take advice from planning officers.

Speaking in favour of the application, Cllr Matthew Beaver (Con. – West St Leonards) said: “It is a decent-looking house in a nice area. Would I like to live in it, right at the side of the road? No, probably not. But that is just my personal opinion.

“But based on the fact that the previous application was withdrawn and they have gone away, spoken to officers and listened to what was said before coming back to us with a much-improved planning application means I see absolutely no reason for refusing this.”

During the meeting the committee heard that the council had received 11 letters objecting to building on the site. However planning officers considered the scheme to be appropriate and had recommended it for approval.

Cllr Phil Scott (Lab – Wishing Tree) agreed with the recommendation for approval. He said: “This is what you call a windfall site if you like, it is infill and that is the reality of it all. There has been some work carried out by the applicant and officers here and I think they have come up with the best they can at this particular time.

“I, along with Cllr Beaver, would not wish to live along that close to The Ridge personally but there is no reason why it shouldn’t be fit for purpose and be a nice-looking family home.

“I’m just looking at some of the representations and once again we are seeing some that are planning considerations but a lot that are not really.

“It is a shame sometimes that we can’t filter those things out but of course it is very useful to listen to what people’s concerns are. But they need to, everybody needs to, understand that we need to look at the planning considerations rather than ‘we just don’t like it.”

However councillor some concerns were raised over access to the site by councillor Sorrell Marlow-Eastwood (Con. – Ashdown).

She said: “Although it is not a planning requirement I am deeply concerned that the reality of living there is actually a problem. There is nowhere for anybody else to park so if you have deliveries or something, then the road is blocked.

“If you have anyone pop over or come and stay, or you need an ambulance or doctor, there is literally nowhere because you have got The Ridge at the top and then a private gated area. I think that is quite a worry.”

Cllr Marlow-Eastwood voted against the scheme but the scheme was approved with the support of the remaining nine committee members.

Huw Oxburgh , Local Democracy Reporting Service