Photographer’s new book captures St Leonards’ glory

A new book featuring pictures of St Leonards taken by photographer JJ Waller will be released next month.

The book is the result of JJ’s regular trips to photograph the town and its people over the past nine years.

He said: “St Leonards captured my imagination right from my very first visit. It’s so different from gentrified Brighton. The town has a wonderful cultural mix and retains a slightly tatty down-on-its-luck feel that resonates with my memories of growing up in London’s Stoke Newington. It’s got more than its fair share of social problems, sure, but what really defines the town is the amazing architecture, the astonishing light and the spirit of the people – both the long-standing residents and the myriad talented artists, writers and musicians who’ve adopted the place as their own. I hope everyone living here will love this book like a family photo album, and that it can play a part in raising the profile of this fascinating and beautiful place.”