Woody the kitten still fighting for his life as vets confirm his horrific injuries were caused by a human

Woody the kitten has been named ‘Woody the Warrior’ by his owner as he continues to fight for his life following surgery after an horrific attack at Sedlescombe on Sunday night where his tail was chopped off, a paw nearly sliced off and his stomach slashed.

Wednesday, 31st July 2019, 11:14 am
Woody Kitten update SUS-190731-093155001
Woody Kitten update SUS-190731-093155001

Owner of 17 week old Woody Stephanie Wood said last night: “Sussex Coast Vets have given confirmation to the police tonight of human mutilation.

“Woody’s wounds are without a doubt caused by a large sharp blade, his stomach muscles had been cut a lot further than I was aware of.

“I am in total shock that someone could be that disturbed to perform such a callous and barbaric act to a defenceless kitten.”


People rallied round to support single mum Stephanie by raising more than £3,500 through a Gofundme page to pay for his surgery and ongoing treatment.

Stephanie said: “I went to see Woody The Warrior last night. He is very poorly. He is wearing a cat vest to help keep the wound covered and to cover the drainage system which is draining his stomach. He is on exceptionally strong pain relief, but he’s amazing us all as he’s being so strong and such a fighter!

“Woody was in surgery for four hours yesterday. They did have to remove some vertebrae when amputating the remaining bit of tail. He has got a lot of fluid leaking from his stomach so he is on a drain, with fluid still leaking, his front paw was again worse than anyone realised and he had tendons/muscles exposed and has had to have two toes amputated because of this, There are some stitches that need putting in his muscles on his legs but that can’t be done yet as they will just fall out. He will remain hospitalised until the fluid has stopped, and then the vets will see what needs doing from there.

“The next few days are critical for our little fighter, and if he can walk again he will walk very funny and it is likely his balance will be very bad. It’s too early to tell if his walking, bladder or bowel has been affected, but hopefully over the next few days I’ll know for sure.

“I would like to thank everyone again for all of your kindness and generosity, I have been overwhelmed with how kind everyone has been, it’s left me totally speechless, thank you will never be enough, I am eternally grateful.”