Widow has head shave to raise funds for charity

A widow, left with two children when her husband died, had her hair shaved to raise money for the charity which helped her survive the tragic loss.

Amanda McNulty’s husband Dennis died suddenly from heart problems 10 years ago, leaving her with Lucy, then aged four and Andrew, aged one.

She said: “We’d celebrated Andrew’s first birthday, which is also my birthday, the day before Dennis died. It was very sudden and a complete shock. He had heart problems which we didn’t know about until the post mortem results came back.”

Struggling to cope with the loss of her husband was tough but Amanda said, with two young children to raise she had to keep going for them. She became involved with the Widowed and Young (WAY) charity which she said was ‘amazing’, adding: “It helps and supports those who find themselves in this terrible situation and was a lifeline to the children and myself. Having someone who truly knew what we were going through and understood our feelings thoughts and emotions was priceless. I decided that I wanted to give something back to the charity and the head shave came into my mind. I set up my Justgiving page. At my last count the amount raised was £2,165 which is four times my original target. I’m totally amazed at all the support I’ve received.” Visit:www.justgiving/Amanda-Mcnulty1.www.wayfoundation.org.uk.