This is why a funeral procession formed on Hastings Pier last week

People have been commenting on a local funeral procession which saw hearses gathering on Hastings Pier last week.

Tuesday, 22nd October 2019, 10:14 am
Pier Funeral 2 SUS-191022-083557001
Pier Funeral 2 SUS-191022-083557001

The funeral procession was for the mother of local business leader Brett McLean who said: “The procession for my mother Maureen was formed of three motorcycle marshals, one hearse, seven limousines and a number of private vehicles following.

“It went from the pier to the Old Town, where the service took place, then on to the Crematorium.

“The funeral procession drove onto the pier with a Scottish piper walking in front of the hearse, as my mother before she passed away had planned to walk to the end of the pier to commemorate my late parents wedding anniversary of 47 years and to pay tribute to my late father who’s ashes were scattered from the pier.

Brett McLean and mum Maureen SUS-191022-082714001

“Sheikh Abid Gulzar and the Lions team granted permission to allow Maureen to be driven onto the pier in a funeral hearse at the exact pre planned day and time that she had personally chosen earlier in the year to celebrate her 47th wedding anniversary to Reg who also sadly passed away earlier this year.

“I would like to thank pier owner Sheikh Abid Gulzar for allowing my Mothers final wish to be granted.

Brett, who is also Chairman of Hastings and St. Leonard’s Dementia Action Alliance, has vowed to ensure that the Borough becomes more Dementia friendly.

He said: “It is important for businesses and community groups to become aware of conditions such as Dementia, my mother having over 10 years experience of living with Dementia, due to my father’s Parkinson’s wanted to make sure that people were aware of his condition and how it affected him.”

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