Support given to proposed Aldi plans

An artist's impression of the new store was included in the leaflet
An artist's impression of the new store was included in the leaflet

A number of Hastings residents have welcomed the proposal for a new Aldi store in 1066 country.

A leaflet, issued by Aldi, stated plans for a new store in Bexhill Road, St Leonards, to accomodate the existing Peugeot car garage and mini supermarket.

Responding to the Hastings Observer Facebook page after plans for the new store were announced last week, reader Steve Bridger said: “I have lived in the area for a number of years and welcome this proposal.

“People travelling to the Aldi store in Bexhill have to travel along this route anyway. It’s about time there was some worthwhile investment at this end of town. Bring it on.”

The proposal includes demolishing the two buildings on site and replacing them with three retail units – Aldi and two others still to be determined.

Sarah Davey hopes the two empty buildings will not affect local businesses: “Building an Aldi yes sounds like a good idea.

“But I think they need to have a serious think about what they choose to put in the three retail units without affecting already running businesses on this road.

“Make use of it with something that is not local and will be of real use to people.”

An Aldi spokesman said one retail unit may be filled with a café.

Another reader was less impressed by the proposed plans.

Rebecca Barr said: “Why would we need another Aldi? There is already one in Ore area and one in Bexhill so to build another one is ridiculous.”