Sheep savaged and killed by dogs at Pett farm

Attack on sheep SUS-181112-085355001
Attack on sheep SUS-181112-085355001

Three sheep were killed in a vicious dog attack at a farm at Pett at the weekend.

The three ewes were left horribly mutilated in the attack which happened between Saturday lunchtime and Sunday morning at Lunsford Farm, Pett Road, Hastings.

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The farm, which has been in the Dunlop family for 130 years, has suffered a number of attacks from out of control dogs in the past.

Farmer Andrew Dunlop said: “Three more of our ewes have been killed in a vicious dog attack, and a further ewe is in a state of shock badly injured, in fields off Rosemary Lane. It is very upsetting.

There was widespread support for Andrew on Facebook with one poster commenting “Shame on irresponsible dog owners.”

Another added: “I have two English bull terriers and Knowing them the sensible thing is not to go near a field with any livestock in. That’s the reason I walk mine on a lead at 4.30am. “If you can’t be responsible don’t have a dog.”

Andrew reacted: “Thank you for all the messages of support, particularly from all the responsible dog owners who are our eyes and ears on the ground. The police have been updated with the loose dog sightings.

If anyone has any information please contact the police or contact Andrew on 07776143509.

Andrew added: “Please keep your dogs under control.

Pictured is one of the ewes that survived the attack. Images from the attack are too distressing to reproduce here but you can see the full extent of the carnage on the LUnsford Farm Facebook page.

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