Sea boils at Hastings over weekend as mackerel go on feeding frenzy

Mackerel SUS-190827-083048001
Mackerel SUS-190827-083048001

Fish were literally throwing themselves on the beach over the bank holiday weekend as huge shoals of mackerel went into a feeding frenzy.

The annual phenomenon was more spectacular than ever as thousands of fish thrashed just below the surface very close to shore.

It happens when predatory mackerel chase the massive shoals of whitebait - tiny fish fry.

It was taking place on Sunday throughout the day, with a repeat at dusk on Monday.

It was a bonanza for fishermen who were pulling out large numbers of mackerel at a time. Others were simply picking up fish from the beach where they had come so close in they had become stranded.

Ben Haffenden, who was visiting from London for the day, said: “I have never seen anything like it. Some people had fishing rods and were pulling out four or five fish a time and other people were picking them up from the beach and putting them in bags and containers. It actually was like shooting fish in a barrel.”

The dark clouds on the water in this photo are fish bubbling just beneath the surface close to the shore.

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